2017: A Year Of Travelling in Pictures

Hello friends, what a wonderful year it’s been! I started A Voyage on Earth in April as a way of documenting my travels. It’s been a wonderfully introspective journey as I finally found a way to put all of my thoughts and experiences about travel into one place. As we wish 2017 a bon voyage and welcome in 2018, I wanted to share some of the years’ highlights with you all. So here are the top 15 photos I’ve taken while travelling this year. Let me know your thoughts:

15 ~ SINGAPORE: Gardens by the bay

At no.14 is this amazingly cool palm tree I spotted in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

14 ~ AUSTRALIA: Fingal Beach Coastal Walk, Fingal, Victoria

Next up, my mum and I went on this walk on the Mornington Peninsula and we were completely blown away by the scenery. Read more about the Fingal Beach Coastal walk

Fingal Beach Coastal Walk, Fingal, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

13 ~ NEW CALEDONIA: Îlot Amédée

The lighthouse on Îlot Amédée should honestly win an award for the view it provides.

View from Amédée Lighthouse. Îlot Amédée, New Caledonia

12 ~ MALAYSIA: A macaque at the Batu Caves, Selangor

I spent my first day in Malaysia wandering around caves and photographing monkeys like this one. Read more about the Batu Caves

A Macaque at the Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

11 ~ SINGAPORE: The OCBC Skyway and Supertree Grove

Gardens by the Bay is just one of the greatest places I’ve ever been and I spent a long time wandering amongst these “supertrees.” Read more about Gardens by the Bay

On the OCBC Skyway and Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

10 ~ AUSTRALIA: Cape Woolamai, Victoria

I took this photo of myself during a hike at Cape Woolamai. I was really enjoying solitude that day and it was then I decided to go on my first solo trip – which I did a couple of months later! This moment was a catalyst for my love of solo travel.

Read more about Cape Woolamai2017.05.15w1

9 ~ NEW CALEDONIA: Lac de Yaté, Yaté, South Province

This is the most surreal place I’ve ever been. No photograph can truly do this lake justice, it’s a place you just have to see in the flesh.

Lac de Yaté, Yaté, South Province, New Caledonia

8 ~ AUSTRALIA: Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay makes you happy – it’s a well known fact – and how could it not with views like this? Read more about my stay in Byron Bay

View from the Cape Byron Walking Track, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

7 ~ AUSTRALIA: The Neck, Bruny Island, Tasmania

There’s an optical illusion that makes the water appear higher on one side. Read more about Bruny Island.

The Neck. Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia

6 ~ NEW CALEDONIA: Parc provincial de la riviere bleue, Yaté

I loved everything about New Caledonia and this place was certainly a highlight. Read more about the Parc provincial de la riviere bleue.

Parc provincial de la riviere bleue, Yaté, New Caledonia

5 ~ AUSTRALIA: Neds Peak, Cathedral Ranges State Park, Taggerty, Victoria

Me on top of the world. Read more about the Cathedral Ranges


4 ~ MALAYSIA: Inside the Batu Caves, Batu Caves, Selangor

Sunlight shines through holes in the cave ceiling, illuminating sculptures like this one. I’m particularly proud of this shot for it’s chiaroscuro (apologies for the art history term).

Inside the Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

3 ~ AUSTRALIA: Hot air ballooning in the Yarra Valley, Victoria

We were up before the sun to go hot air ballooning over the world-famous vineyards of the Yarra Valley. Read more about spending the weekend in the Yarra Valley


2 ~ AUSTRALIA: Sheoak Falls, Victoria

I snapped this picture of my partner during our road trip along the Great Ocean Road and I have so much love for it. Read more about the Great Ocean Road


1 ~ NEW CALEDONIA: Nouville, Nouméa

My favourite travel photo from 2017 was this one. I think it’s the incredible of contrast of colour. Plus it was an amazing day! Read more about the Nouville Peninsula

Nouville, Nouméa, New Caledonia

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts. Did you have a favourite?


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