Last Minute Plans: New Caledonia

For the past week Bali’s biggest volcano, Mount Agung has been erupting, filling the sky with ash. Around 150,000 people have been evacuated and flights have been cancelled in and out of the island. A couple of days ago I was making the tough decision to cancel our honeymoon to Bali having accepted that we were no match for mother nature. However that did leave us 6 days out from our honeymoon with no flights, no accommodation and no plans to speak of.

Now I’m all for spontaneity but at this time of year, right before Christmas, flights and hotels aren’t cheap or readily available so we honestly weren’t sure we’d find anything. We still had our hearts set on warm weather and beaches too.

For about a minute we considered flying to one of Australia’s northern states or over to New Zealand but that thought ended as soon as we checked hotel prices. December really makes for expensive last-minute travel.

Finally we stumbled upon a flight to New Caledonia and after scouring through the dregs of accommodation we found a nice enough hotel and booked ourselves a car. So, my friends, that is what we will be doing for our honeymoon. The best part is we still get our warm weather and beaches!

Time to practice my leaves-a-lot-to-be-desired French!


7 thoughts on “Last Minute Plans: New Caledonia

  1. Sorry to hear about your trip to Bali! It somewhat interfered with our se Asia travel plans too 🙄 Glad to hear you’re making the best of it! We came to Cambodia instead. Enjoy New Caledonia! What’s your plans there?

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    1. It looks like the volcano situation is getting worse so it was probably a good decision. Have the best time in Cambodia – that’s an excellent plan b. Whereabouts in Cambodia are you headed? We’re planning to drive around New Caledonia and do lots of hiking and snorkelling 🙂

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      1. Well we just got back from Angkor Wat, that was amazing have you seen it? Taking recommendations for things to do now haha! 😂 ah sounds great! We’re new snorkellers, did it for the first time in Thailand last week and loved it! Is the sea nice and clear in New Caledonia?


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